True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future


Allow me to recall our secret talk a long ago…

You said wherever I go, those dark clouds would still remain the same; trailing behind, showing their true color without fear to fade. You said wherever I hide, the breath of sadness would still be running towards; looking for a small slit to whisper the mournful song in to my ears, to break me in pieces. And again, again and again, you kept telling me wherever I stay, it would be still that way—it scared me ’til I forgot how to move aside.


“Living the blue, pervading the sun, listen to the peace that slowly alighted along the breeze.”

I did go. I did hide. But look around me now. Can you see the sun is slapping the back of my head? To burn it into an extent that the bright blue over there is waiting for me to jump on? Can you hear the waves starving itself? To wake me up that the era is already done? The era where the clouds have been dispersed by the warmth of Maya’s absolute God?

My body did go to a place where it allowed me to rebuild my fails. My soul did hide from the past and dusts which would hurt me to stand and tough. And nothing is wrong with, nothing is amiss with. Let me be alive. Let me exist. Not for along time but just a quick-fraction of a second. I want to see those lights, feel the heat and touch the air. Let me be grateful of what I’ve earned, of what I’ve been working for.

Before the dark reforms to be a darker one.

Before you take the beauty I’ve seen.


In response of The Daily Post’s Discover Challenges “Here and Now” : This week, we want you to choose a moment and capture it in the medium you love best. Your response might be a timed free write about how you’re feeling right now or a pen and ink sketch of the view from your seat. It might be street photography that documents a moment of your experience, or a poem that evokes today’s pervading emotion.


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