taken by huglooms

“Why don’t you like winter so much?” She asked me, with her wrinkles heaved as the long-purple scarf around her neck blowing.

“Because I don’t like being cold.”

“Then why do you like spring so much?” Second question was posted, and I stayed calm in peace, listening the swirl of the wind.

“It’s not about spring, mom. It’s about sun. When the spring comes, means that I can feel its light on my skin. Beside, winter makes me feel lonely.” I said softly to her and leaving the blossomed cotton tree in front of us.

In response of Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge “Seasons“: Share an image evocative of the weather or represent the current “season of your life” in metaphor.



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7 thoughts on “BLUE IN THE SPRING”

  1. That was a nice little story to go along with your photo. I am not a fan of winter and love summer that is now here in Australia. The sun and warm weather makes my skin feel alive 😀 Like the character, I don’t like being cold. I feel numb in winter and can’t feel my face and other parts of my body 😀

    1. Thanks Mabel :*
      I think we have similar opinion about winter. I grew up in Indonesia and I LOVE summer!
      Must be nice in Australia, isn’t it? Oh, I wish I was there to feel the heat on my skin 😦

      1. It was in the mid-twenties today, very nice weather here. Next week it will be thirty degrees, I am looking forward to that and maybe I will get an ice-cream 😀

    1. Onceuuu~~~~~~~~~~
      Kemana aja kau haaa~ seolah-olah kau menghilang jauh dari pandangan mata *eaaa*
      Gue udah balik tahun baru kemaren hehe. Asik berarti lw bisa aktif nulis lagi dong? :*

      1. hahahaha…. Gue ilang dari Line. Ntah lah Ikha, gue juga bingung kenapa tiap mau mulai nulis lagi Jin” yg biasanya menggebu” bikin gue panas sama Jongin dan kawan”nya tiba” ilang gitu aja. Eeeeaaaa~ kayaknya emang harus balik aktif di twitter lagi nih…

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