I SMELL A STRONG, VERY UNPLEASANT REEK, dissimulated my sense and woke me up from the nightmare. Obscurity, uncertainty, oddity, each one expropriate my mind. Bear the pain, I order my legs to move. My body is suffering. My soul is in misery. The pair of my eyes observing and I only find the darkness around. I feel the dirt in my hands, like a fusion of dust and clay. I heard the wind whistling, made me even more terrified. This time, it seems like I am in the uninhabited isle, or in the mud box. I thought I had run away yet caught up in the deepest of murk.

If I did not choose the silver-painted door, I would not be here. Among the three, I like it more than black and lavender, reminds me of something sparkling, something precious. So I reached the handle and entered the room. My pajama turned to be a glorious silver dress. Flowers and a river surrounded me. They were all silver, scenic and magnificent, as a fairy tale. Until the beauty was gone when I stumbled over a strange stone, made me fall into this place.

Still surrounded by hideous thoughts, I saw a glimmer of light in the distance. Hopes rise, pushing myself to escape. I am walking on the mud that swallows my feet. I count every step till I reach the light in thirteen. Again, three doors line up in front of me. This time, they are green, orange and red, not the same color as before. I kneel down, weary and heavy.  I see my dress tattered,  and I am in a huge mess. Really, I just want to go back to my world. I am afraid to take another wrong decision.

In front of the green-painted door, a tall man standing with his short and green shirt, combed brown hair, white skin glowing in the dark. I can hear his watch ticking but I can not detect his gaze which is blocked by sunglasses.  A child linking his fingers. He is bowing at the orange one. Simple clothes, barefoot, without luxurious things, he smiles at me in peace. While at the red one, a young girl waving at me, she invites me to join. Long black hair fluttering in the wind. Her face is merry as if she has been waiting for me all the time.

I look down, devour my heavy breath in the throat. I am sure the man will take me to the opulence and prosperity. I am sure the girl will bring me into the happiness and Concord. I do not want to be selfish as I did before. I do not want to be sightless as I entered the silver door. But I can not choose anymore. I am full of fear. Sighing heavily, my legs walking toward the little boy. He is smiling without overdoing it, grab my hand and leading me into the door, the orange one.  I see the man and the girl shriveled. They are upset, I know, but I am not giving them a remorse look.

I hear a click when the boy turns the knob. Tightly I close my eyes as the dazzling light coming from the inside. He is pressing my fingers, give me a signal to open my eyes. And now, I am at the beach. No fancy dress on me, just a modest clothes and barefoot—like the little boy. I do not find him beside me. I am alone, he is gone. He left me on the white sand, with the cold waves touching my toes. There are palm trees behind and the sun sinking in front. It diffuses the orange through the sky, beautiful and pacifies. I sit here, folding my legs to kiss my knees. No more traps of silver. No more stuck in the darkness. Now, I just need to wake up while I am relishing the color.

In response of Daily Post’s writing prompt “Just a Dream” : You’re having a nightmare, and have to choose between three doors. Pick one, and tell us about what you find on the other side.



Indonesia | Southeast Asia | Nusantara Tanah Airku

6 thoughts on “GREEN, ORANGE AND RED”

  1. Ohhh..
    Ternyata bukan hanya hidup yg penuh pilihan, di mimpi pun disuruh milih jga hadeuhhhh ckkckck
    Tpi knpa di bagian ‘green shirt man’ tiba” kebayang Kai ya? XD (minus glowing with skin) hahaha..

      1. HAHAHAHAHAH.. *ketawa guling” sambil meluk Kai*
        Keknya eon gak ngeh ini siapa, BININYA THEHUN EON, member group rusuh Line *pout*

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